Slow Radio Podcast

Life in the Slow Lane: shift down gears and treat your ears to drifting soundscapes that take you to another world; relaxing interviews with challenging soundart. Buy original prints and mp3 soundscapes  … Slow Radio is produced by David Clarke. To share your story through a slow podcast mail: or search: @IAmTheHow —> HEADPHONES ON! <—

Enceladus Surface Detail – Part III – full performance.  A lull in the violent activity of the geysers leaves us in a period of calm as we approach the surface of Enceladus. Original print and high quality MP3 download available to buy at 

The Geysers of Enceladus – Part II – full performance. This soundscape captures the regular throbbing beats as the pressure builds prior to each violent eruption, which spews vast water geysers deep into space from the sub-glacial ocean of Enceladus. Original print and high quality download available to buy at

Rings of Saturn with Enceladus – Part I – full performance. While Titan appears in the background, its looming presence dominates this soundscape with a menacing pulse; as we journey towards Enceladus we hear the haunting interference of Saturn’s Rings. Original print and high quality download available to buy at

I Think Cats Think, Bird Nest Tree – full performance. What would it be like if we could, just for one moment, get inside the head of a cat?

Just A Little Prick – full performance. If we could hear the collective sounds of all those having the vaccination, what would we hear?

Normal new Normal – full performance. Listening in to the everyday talk between Derek and Mandy shows how the questions we ask each other form our shared daily narrative, while giving shape to common ideas of the normal, new normal.

Where Sheep May Safely Graze – full performance. Throughout our working lives the people we meet influence the way we think and behave; like sheep, we take cues from one another. Time passes and much stays the same, but at some point everything shifts: we re-assess, we move on and in our minds we find a place where those sheep may safely graze

Unicorns are not Horses – full performance. The soundscape originates from Mary Bartlett’s book binding studio at Dartington; sounds of the old press and leather bound books slowed down to create a sense of subterranean mystery. The print echoes this mystical world with an ancient style capturing the tension between man and animal. While both are united and inter-dependent a sense of dominance remains: the grand ”mane” worn by human, being the only challenge to the true masculinity of the beast. Print available at

After the Rain – full performance. 31st October 2020 saw news of the second Covid-19 Lockdown and the death of the first 007. Individual lives, the world and the universe are ruled by waves and cycles. Credits: Smoke City: Underwater Love. Casino Royal: David Arnold and Nicholas Dodd.

Seven Eighths – full interview. Free trade and fish; who would have thought?

The Clipper – full performance. Streets are forever present and forever changing. This piece asks: are the lights on or off for Union Street? Scroll down page for full interview.

Will We? – full performance. COVID-19 has raised many questions. This improvisation aims to capture those thoughts as they circle in our minds, with a clear message of hope.

Sunny not Funny – full performance. The COVID-19 lock-down will be remembered for many things, not least, as we tuned in around the world, the words: sunny not funny.

Horses for Courses – full performance‬. The sounds of horses and those who love them.

Nylons and Pylons – full performance. The coronal discharge of a 400,000 volt power line ~ ‘the buzz’ ~ provides the backdrop to a human harmonic, mixed with the soundtrack of a ‘saucy’ video.

Slow Radio Podcast : Equanimity and Humility – full performance. “Sometimes it’s easier to show what something is by showing what it isn’t.” Harmonic mixed from various aeroplane jet engines on take-off with a human voice.

Infinite and Minute – short performance‬. Possibly the shortest story with longest narrative.

Phones and Bones – short performance‬. You can’t live with them … you can’t live without them…

Wishes and Fishes – full performance. A bedtime story for children and grown-ups.

Flame and Rain – full performance‬. When random snippets of conversation converge.

The Unicorn Garden. Mary Bartlett’s book binding studio at Dartington forms the backdrop for this soundscape as we explore the history of the Unicorn from ancient Egypt to modern day Libya. Among the tangled taxonomy of Cervids, Bovids, Equines & Paradoxa we eke out the answer to the question: are Unicorns real?

The River Killers. Water… drift ~ fall ~ swim … Amy speaks of her inspiration while observing how we have come to passively take instruction from a world that disempowers and disconnects us with all that is important. The River Killers is an acoustic journey exploring our relationship with rivers and how we should care for them as they do for us… Ask not for whom the horn sounds ~ it sounds for thee…

Periopertive Risk. Assessing risk to patients before surgery is really handy and luckily for us there are some smart people around who have worked out how that can be done. Join me as I’m put through my cardio-vascular paces and see how my system bears up, while also dipping in & out of some intriguing questions about the conscious mind. Can you anaesthetise a worm? Over to Dr Gary Minto…

Sea Sense. 16 million plastic bottles are chucked away in the UK every day… take some time to find out how you play your part in this sad story and how young, local artists are raising the profile of such environmental problems while picking up some simple steps that you could take right now that would have a dramatic and instant effect.

Ukulele Festival. Take some time to unwind and listen to the stories from those who pluck and strum to bring you pleasurable sounds. Come on down with the Cliff Railway from Babbacombe to the secluded beach at Oddicombe where we join the Ukulele Festival – all set to the sounds of the gentle lapping of the waves and the occasional roaring jets of the Red Arrows as they fly high and turn in ukulele formation over this hidden gem on the English Riviera…

On the Buses. HOLD TIGHT! As we join Tim Jones from Start Point Finance as he steers the Coleridge Bus through the narrow lanes of South Devon. We hear the rich stories from those who rely on this volunteer service and as we drop and shop we are privileged to glimpse the experiences of others and reminded that we all have a story to tell. Set to the purr of the diesel engine and the hiss of the pneumatic door… ting ting…

Sailing Onboard Lacerta. Take a beverage of your choice, sit down and drift off to the sounds of the waves as they journey across the ocean to meet the bows of Lacerta… all mixed with the delicate sounds of the winds in the rigging and the harsh noise of rope working in ratchet. In this programme we hear from Debbie and David Phillips about their lifestyle ‘hobby’ of sailing and we also learn about Debbie’s work with Forever Living.

Join the BT Posse! We hear from the Border Terriers and their owners and how they meet to walk, talk and relax in beautiful settings all over the country and how the people behind Coralline Health make this something for the weekend for all to enjoy… with the soundscape of tricking streams and the crashing waves of the sea…

Get into Gig Racing! We hear how the Brixham Gig Club provides Something for the Weekend for the busy people of Brixham. But first…sit down and get comfortable; this is an invitation for you to take some time out and relax to the sounds of the oars, rope and water. Let slow radio lead you and field recording take you on a journey…

Integrative Law. In this programme we hear from the public speaker, coach and lawyer Julian Summerhayes about the ‘whole-self’ approach of Integrative Law… mixed to the sounds of bicycle gears, bringing pleasure to your listening ears…

Tales From the Riverbank. Sit down and drift off to the sounds of the Dahabeya as we sail along the River Nile while learning more of what Egypt has to offer… all mixed with the echoing sounds of the Muezzins as they call from the multiple minarets… In this programme we hear from Khyry Ali Abdul Majid about the boat that he hires – The Queen Tiye and the beautiful Villas that he rents in the ancient city of Luxor.

And Then There Were None.. Take a front row seat with the Bijou Theatre and relax while listening to Sarah Caplan as she directs a rehearsal of Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None”… ascend to the gods to get a glimpse of the history of Bijou and what goes on back stage… and stick around for the Final Act: the cascading soundscape of the cast.

BodyKind. Join Zoe The Headmistress as she talks us through the art of Strutology, listen to Megan as she tells us about her work as Bodiposipanda, learn from Harnaam Kaur as she shares her wisdom and wonder at the everyday ambiguity of Chris Paradox… with a little insight from the naked Miss Glory Pearl to boot. Thank you to Edd Donavan and The Wandering Moles for the music track “I AM” which begs the question: what kind of person are you? Have a listen to these amazing people, they may help you to find out.