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A communications and operational partner for business.

About me


Every business has an interesting story, but too many tell the boring ones. In a world that is awash with content it's not effective to simply tell people about your products and services; we all need to be more creative.

I help you to find your voice and develop your narrative, so that you can tell stories about your work; how it affects communities, why it changes society and its role in tackling some of the big issues that we face in the world; insights and opinions that cut through the noise.

My name is Dave Clarke and I have over 25 years’ experience working with content for global brands in marketing and communications. I know the rules and I apply them to businesses of any size through a simple six step process that results in copy and podcasts for marketing though web and social channels; your prospects & customers - your audience... your fans - will engage and follow what you do and how you are different.

Sounds obvious? It is! ... but having all the answers in your head is no good. Together we can plan great content to win more business.

The Rules:

Don't be boring!
Less is more
You have the answers
Get cracking
Do not be bamboozled!


howmarketing and howproduction are part of the iamthehow offer.

howmarketing is all about words. It provides the research and strategy behind your communications plan. We find your unique voice and develop an ongoing narrative. Your voice is your opinion on your business and its relevance in the world. Your narrative is how you convey this through the stories that you tell. The specific words that you use are crucial as they are the basic units of information that transfer your knowledge to other people.

howproduction is all about content. It provides the written copy, audio files and video content using these precise words in language that reflects your voice with a narrative that tells the world what you do, why you do it and what you stand for. Social Media? - SO WHAT? - the world is awash with content and channels, but we all engage with and share good stories; get that straight and Social Media? - SO A LOT!

Select and listen to all episodes from "Wavelength" and "Something for the Weekend" podcasts below, or just search "iamthehow podcasts" and follow the links to programmes; you'll find them on iTunes, Spotify, Mixcloud, Stitcher and many others...

Wavelength - businesses with an interesting story to tell.

Something for the Weekend - how busy business people relax.

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Your Offer

Identify what you do that is different and how you can stand out from the crowd.

Your Values

Name them and share them! – your values form your business priorities for all…

Your Brand

Discover what this is and how to express it… all organisations have one…

Products & Services

Define and refine exactly what you do and get your story straight!

Roles and responsibilities

Provide structure and manage expectations through appraisals and succession planning…


Document the way staff work – set the standards which help not hinder!

Communicate it!

Tell your staff, prospects and customers just how good you are!


If you want to know more about this works, simply get in touch!

Clients include:

Coralline Health - planning and content production.
Knight Scientific - planning and copywriting.
Moorish - planning and video production.
Yurts for Life - Planning and video production.
C3 Resources Ltd - communications consultancy and copywriting.
South Hams Roofing Ltd - content production and content strategy.
Flotilla Media Ltd - production and project management.
Greenwood Music CIC - communications consultancy.
Argand Solutions Ltd - communications consultancy, copywriting and video production.
Woodford Architecture + Interiors - copywriting.
International Macrobiotic School - communications consultancy.
Splash Projects - communications consultancy.
Evolve Build Maintain Ltd - content production and content strategy.
Scree TV - consultancy.
Peninsular Community Health - consultancy
Improve Your Health - consultancy

Contact Info

07976 987 905