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On paper a business can be boiled down to numbers, but when you’ve invested time and energy and battled with critics – perhaps even your demons – to create something that you love… you’ll understand the emotion that goes way beyond value and good will. When it comes to selling you want buyers who appreciate all of these things… and you could do no better than to work with Lyn: she’s been there and she’s done it.

From small purchases and big loans to savings and investments – money governs the opportunities and choices that we have. Strange that many of us have such a poor grasp of finance given that we understand very well the effect on our lifestyle. Good advice can be hard to find, but it often comes from people who live and work among us… Sam is such a person; with a whole heap of experience and her caring approach, it’s good to know that genuine help is at hand.

‘Diastasis Recti’ says it all really… child birth is as old as the hills, but that’s not to say that it’s easy; sure we hear stories of babies flying out like wet fish, but most of us – men and women alike – know that labour & birth are often traumatic. Recovery can take time and many women suffer both physically and mentally for months after having a baby. The MUTU System and its community are here to help and Lyssa-Fee is here to tell us some facts of life that not all will be familiar with.

WISP recognises that women & girls are underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and maths; the goal is one of gender equality. As Lorna shares her journey we can see why WISP is important, but we go further; scientists & engineers are more than pipette squeezing spanner bashers; they live and laugh and worry among us. All biology is chemistry… all chemistry is physics… and all who hold down jobs in these sectors are people – just like us. We all need to break down the stereotypes.

A ‘multi-functional kitchen gadget’ or the ‘smallest most intelligent kitchen’? Hmm… which ever way you care to cut it the Thermomix has more to it than meets the eye… weigh, chop, bend, mix and cook – no problem – and it will even provide recipes with a sprinkling of know-how; just as well this gadget is confined to the kitchen or we’d all being looking for a new job. German engineering too: ‘advancement through technology’ as they say.

Boost Business Growth. A riddle: “I have a grand hall that many will visit with guest rooms and gardens that some may elicit, but what of the rooms and majestic suits – the secret chambers where everyone meets? These charms are yours, but remain a secret; I offer the key and invite you to keep it. What am I?” The answer is LinkedIn.. the ‘Stately Home’ where too many loiter at the entrance. Let Sarah be your guide to take you through the red rope barriers into a whole world of new contacts, fresh leads and more business.

GA Solicitors. You live, you die and you leave your Will to make clear your wishes, but what if things don’t quite go to plan? Is contesting a Will ever an option or is this the stuff of a Dickensian narrative where we should take heed from his words: “The little plaintiff or defendant, who was promised a new rocking-horse when Jarndyce and Jarndyce should be settled has grown up, possessed himself of a real horse and trotted away into the other world.” Luckily for us Anna has some practical advice.

InGame UK. There’s a lot more to playing retro and new games than meets the eye. Sure there’s the fun, role-play and tactics, but games have the power to reach deeply into us; they bring us together – we interact and connect. Nothing wrong with a classic game of Coppit that takes you back to a rainy day in the summer; we all love those feelings of nostalgia, but for many games offer a valuable therapeutic path back into society, reducing anxiety and helping people with many aspects of their mental health…

Apex HR. Employment law is well defined, but there remains a crisis in leadership; all too often management is seen as self-serving and out of touch. The effects are far reaching; we ask ourselves: Am I safe? Am I secure? Do I matter? Do I belong? Such questions lead to feelings of anxiety and stress at work… and at home. We need to change our thinking. Apex HR provides fresh insight, pragmatic advice and a holistic approach that improves attitudes and behaviour for the benefit and success of all.

The Client Factory. Many agencies struggle when it comes to explaining search engine optimisation, ad-words and pay per view, but listening to Dan is truly enlightening; Google Land is just a simple mix of the worlds biggest word-game with a dash of pragmatism and a sprinkling of honesty. No smoke – no mirrors – no magic. It’s all very simple really; the only remaining mystery? What lies beyond search? Back to to the The Client Factory.

Citizens Advice. You have something on your mind: a creeping debt or a snag at work. Maybe you just want to know where you stand; perhaps you are ‘in deep’. You hear that base line with the timeless lyric: “there’s not a problem that I can’t fix ’cause I can do it the mix…” You think to yourself: “Wouldn’t that be nice; just to find somebody to talk with who will listen and help.” Well you could do no worse than calling those volunteers and specialists at Citizens Advice – and here’s Teena to tell you all about that…

Just Embrace. Negative Body Image. We hear much about this subject and the role of big business as it pushes and reinforces the ‘ideal look’; and then there is the immediacy of image enhancement, with the sharing and shaming culture on social channels. But who is really to blame? Is it all just about the money or do the brands and advertisers simply echo our very own prejudices? In the face of ever more insidious technology how are we to cope? Welcome to the world of Gill Wilson…

The Summit Path. Just how good do you think you are? Much of what we do is measured; it’s all about ‘performance’… but who sets the standards and who’s judging? Everyone else ‘out there’ – or just you… inside your own head? Slaves to perception or masters of our own success? Time for some answers from David Buckley – the Performance Coach for all in sport, art and business. Maybe you are comfortable not knowing? Well that could be a good start…

Call the Soul Midwife! A popular TV series in the making? Considering that the number of people born exactly matches the number who die you’d think that we would all be a tad better at planning for our eventual and certain demise, but many can’t even talk about it. Over to Suzi: The Soul Midwife – helping people to think, talk and plan as they shuffle along the old coil. Our attitudes are an overhang from Victorian times and we need move on; Suzi is helping us to do just that.

Demi Keenan Interiors. Question: who has an eye for detail, a feel for fabric and a love for furniture? Demi Keenan has all this and a whole lot more. Design is as much about colour as it is about light; it’s as much about decor as it is about space, which is of course the final frontier… Join us on our mission as we explore strange new whirls and seek out new colourations; as we boldly paint as no one has done before!

The Flow Partnership. “Water is essential for life” So often said that it’s easy to lose sight of what this really means. Join Minni as she talks about The Flow Partnership, a charity that works around the world with communities, government, businesses, landowners & scientists to rejuvenate landscapes through the management of water – and like the rivers – the results cascade: improved education, greater care for children, additional & diverse agriculture & a new flourishing ecosystem. Please listen, share and support.

Yes to Life… “Intuition leads to synchronicity” Cajamarca, Colombia; the place where people power, holistic thinking & waffles come together to remind us all of the choices that we have. Extractivism meets democracy & a forward thinking business provides the uplifting narrative of ‘alternative development’. Thanks to: Yes to Life – No to Mining, The Gaia Foundation, Crepes & Waffles, Global Synapses & Schumacher College.

Blooming Organised. We have a penchant for amassing stuff as we move through our lives and for many, at a point marked by nothing in particular, a silent threshold is crossed: life’s belongings transform to clutter, sentimental value cripples decision making and joy turns to worry. This is where Kim comes in, helping people to de-clutter and to sort things out. You can listen to Kim’s story right here… “We are spirits in the in the material world” said The Police, back in 1981 – and it seems that they knew a thing or two.

Ben Leach Consultancy. “Mental Capacity”.That’s a term we hear from time to time, but what does it really mean and how is it defined? For Ben this question forms part of his every day work, along with the delivery of Safeguarding Training… but there’s more to this business than understanding law and teaching – and that’s the care & compassion; have a listen and you’ll hear it in everything Ben has to say. The fact that we all retain the right to make what might be seen as eccentric or unwise decisions is also good to know.

Start Point Law. Business is about standing out from the crowd, so how does a small firm of solicitors make its mark? It’s not just the fixed fees and the focus on areas of real expertise, it’s also the long days touring the South Hams with free legal surgeries & the networking too, not to mention the charitable work. Listening to Rebecca you can see how all this hard work comes together along with a generous dollop of the personal touch and a sprinkling of humour. There’s a lesson for us all in the journey too…

Farmable. Is it destiny that brings the disparate strands of different lives together to form a meaningful thread that links people? Penny left her city life for a dairy farm; the Jersey cows taught her a great deal and she also learnt how trauma can be triggered many years after a shocking event. Penny has brought this together: Farm Able. A charity where Veterans & Emergency Personnel suffering trauma learn rural skills on farms as part of their rehabilitation. Strands and threads coming together to rebuild lives.

Elixel. The Bird family flew the nest from the small city of Eli and migrated south to the ocean city of Plymouth; a brave move and a good one for Paul who went on to learn all things in design before catching the digital bug… and Paul found that his fellow students had the complimentary skills to start Elixel – a business that they all remain with today. Paul explains how it all works and how he now shares his experience as a founding member of the dynamic and successful group that is Digital Plymouth.

Action Coach. 28 years in any job teaches you something…28 years in the British Army teaches you a lot. You see some of the worst and some of the best and it’s the latter that Steve has taken from his Army career and now applies to his position as a Business Coach… taking the training, the discipline and the techniques to work with people in business – to get the best out of them. We can’t all be good at everything, but with Steve we can focus on the priorities and make the most amazing things happen.

Weheartdigital. Forget the out of body experience… here we learn about the out of browser experience and life before the death of FaceBook… Join Andy as he talks us through the Weheartdigital offer… and have you heard of Filmily? Hmm – you will… it’s the power of your pocket rocket that’s waiting to be unleashed.. “We have an app for that” … as they say.

Page Stay. After listening to this you’ll be kicking off those slippers & using that cardigan to torch the rocking chair! Scrap those retirement plans & take a leaf out of Gloria’s book: find out why at the tender age of 60 there has never been a better time to start your own businesses, using the power of digital to reach markets across the world. Digital Native? Is there such a thing? We’re born, we learn, we adapt and we create; Gloria is an inspiration to us all no matter where the Millennium lies in our life.

Coralline Health. We all know that healthcare is changing; as medical techniques advance and more treatments become available the cost of providing care is also increasing. Pauline and Jacqui have over 50 years’ experience between them working in the NHS and the Insurance Industry, so if you’ve ever wondered about healthcare cover, what it all means and how it works – well this is for you.

Start Point Finance. Join Tim Jones fresh from his lunch with the Bank of England in the great city of Plymouth, with all the latest thinking behind interest rates and Brexit and learn how the changing High Street has been the catalyst for a whole range of financial products that act as the oil for businesses of all sizes. Choice and experience are the words that come to mind… whether it’s Stocking Finance, Invoice Finance, Asset Finance or Crowd Funding, you can learn all about here.

Argand Solutions solve complex energy problems. Join Fraser Durham as we explore how the relationship between engineering, software and finance lies at the heart of the innovation that is transforming the way that we generate and consume electricity – and how carbon remains very much centre stage in the world of climate change.

Yurts for Life. Many of us have twists and turns in our careers, but what’s the story behind a CV that includes being an Engineer in the Army to running Terminal 2 at Heathrow, with some Capital Management along the way? An interesting journey and one that ultimately leads to a business that specialises in the building of Yurts using traditional techniques and materials… join Sacha as she tells us about her work and plans for Yurts for Life.

Scribble and Ink. Running a business? This is a must: Scribble and Ink are more than the sum of their parts. We are talking here about an office supply company, so – come on – what’s the story? Is it that they provide furniture as well as ink, paper and pens? Or is it the Scribble and Think team who provide great design? And how about that cake; is that where the secret ingredient lies? Have a listen to Daryl Fulls as he talks us through how putting staff first transforms a business into the best and how a little bit of “celebrity service” with Kate and William (yes that is the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) along with a dash of “celebration” all adds up to – well something that all businesses should aspire to.