Devon Business Show. I find the whole format of this type of business show unnerving; you can sense the high levels of anxiety from many people who simply do not enjoy this experience and would rather not be there at all. I think the sounds of the day reflect this.

The River Killers. Water… drift ~ fall ~ swim … Amy speaks of her inspiration while observing how we have come to passively take instruction from a world that disempowers and disconnects us with all that is important. The River Killers is an acoustic journey exploring our relationship with rivers and how we should care for them as they do for us… Ask not for whom the horn sounds ~ it sounds for thee…

A soundscape from the original programme “Assessing the High-Risk Perioperative Patient.” Elements of sounds, some familiar and others disconcerting, are blended with snippets of conversation to create that state of consciousnesses where we eavesdrop as a third party to our own conversation – in a world that is just at odds with ourselves. With thanks to Dr Gary Minto.

For all you soundscape lovers – the sounds of coffee, art and pollution…16 million plastic bottles are chucked away in the UK every day… take some time to find out how you play your part in this sad story and how young, local artists are raising the profile of such environmental problems while picking up some simple steps that you could take right now that would have a dramatic and instant effect.

For all you soundscape lovers – the sounds of Echo Beach…Take some time to unwind and listen to the stories from those who pluck and strum to bring you pleasurable sounds. Come on down with the Cliff Railway from Babbacombe to the secluded beach at Oddicombe where we join the Ukulele Festival – all set to the sounds of the gentle lapping of the waves and the occasional roaring jets of the Red Arrows as they fly high and turn in ukulele formation over this hidden gem on the English Riviera…

For the sound art connoisseur. Phase on Stage: a soundscape from Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None…” Take a front row seat with the Bijou Theatre and relax while listening to Sarah Caplan as she directs a rehearsal of Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None”… ascend to the gods to get a glimpse of the history of Bijou and what goes on back stage… and stick around for the Final Act: the cascading soundscape of the cast.

Get Your Ears Around These Gears : a soundscape of the bike from “The Jesus! & Oily Chain.”