The River Killers

We often hear it said: “We need to engage the audience, we need to be creative!” But how much content is there that falls short of the mark? How many great projects are won on the basis of great ideas only to be watered down by the hierarchy of middle managers who, in their risk averse way, dumb everything down to that corporate grey…

I’ve always thought that fun and serious can go together and that we can bring together serious comment with interesting audio in the form of soundscapes and field recordings. Below is an example where the interview with the artist Amy Sharracks is embedded into a soundscape designed to evoke a sense pre-apocalyptic forboding.

Water… drift ~ fall ~ swim … Amy speaks of her inspiration while observing how we have come to passively take instruction from a world that disempowers and disconnects us with all that is important. The River Killers is an acoustic journey exploring our relationship with rivers and how we should care for them as they do for us… Ask not for whom the horn sounds ~ it sounds for thee…

Have a listen here:

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